This is to the restaurant often like to point the dishes, in addition to their own is a typical eat outside the other reason is because this dish is too much trouble at home to do, and oil, and then back to the pot, it is tangled.Although the love of this dish Love to the bones, there is still little chance to practice in their own kitchen. This time to do is because just wiping chicken wings on the pan, directly to a plate, a solution Acacia bitter ah… (voiceover: classmates, you Yesterday was just next to the restaurant point is good… Acacia’s really fast… haha ​​…)



  • 400 grams of green beans
  • 150 grams of pork at the end
  • Dried peppers 6
  • Ginger 1 small pieces
  • Garlic 1 head
  • soy sauce
  • salt
  • White sugar a little
  • Laochou


  1. Remove the two beans and tendons, wash, drain.3fca1c6f9f0e09f8435b768f6e33e170.jpg
  2. Add the right amount of oil into the pot until the oil heat, add seasoning, fried beans.192d82ca9d493fe62ba784c04e5650c0.jpg
  3. Deep-fried beans to the surface of micro-wrinkle, remove and drain the oil, spare.7cb9637078aa811735b178d62b88ea69.jpg
  4. The dried pepper cut, ginger mince, garlic mince.0076a049c22143957727c2e90f8823c1.jpg
  5. Another pot, the pot into the amount of oil until the oil heat, add ginger and garlic until fragrant.23786911a4ab29889bc15747542a0c94.jpg
  6. Add the end of pork.1808ef0d23823b3f6ec3c38a81e9f40f.jpg
  7. Add soy sauce and soy sauce to stir fried minced meat evenly.c3f35936611e61345168d391a4c0b55d.jpg
  8. Add the fried beans to the pot.40bb7eab4bfe4f56077049b0dc7ca9e7.jpg
  9. Add salt seasoning, add a little white sugar to fresh, stir fry evenly.24a3e597498408080b7092b7678b3321.jpg