Brother and bought a new oven and then a replenishment of the material to come to the seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight onlookers so long is eight children’s first recipe super easy to become a marble cookie this should be the entry-level brother And strive to recall the first baking of the rush so simple and simple and detailed and detailed in detail to teach you how to do with each stage with a good map of the brand have a good Mody links to a good What if you do not then ah To eat at home to eat a brother ~ ~ ~



  • Low-gluten flour (kite) around 100g
  • Salt-free butter (An Jia) 70g or so
  • Fine sugar (Swire) about 30g
  • Cocoa powder (good time) about 10g
  • Milk (any brand) 15ml or so


  1. Cut butter to room temperature to soften. Btw: those who can not wait to soften on the insulation, do not all into a liquid. On the difference between softening and melting, do not believe in your own trial.be57ba52eb7b5559701d2ac017dde289.jpg
  2. Various ingredients. Btw: The reason why the above ingredients plus around, because the brother after several tests found that almost no impact on the upper and lower almost anything, of course, not too much difference.74d6b67214e7504cd89849da1ffeb5d5.jpg
  3. Butter softened after the break up, add sugar, continue to fight. . . To fight. . . Continue to play. . .4ce526847003c6428739764c562bf20a.jpg
  4. Fusion, into the milk, continue to play. . . Let me nonsense one, many recipes are labeled with milk to g, do not consider the density and shape Mody! . .964ccf5ae9b7b6ffa0a25fa9bed414a4.jpg
  5. After playing well, add flour. Please be sure to use a spatula. If you insist must use automatic eggbeater to fight, do not blame the brother did not remind you what. . Btw: saying that this step, there is no shovel of the hand is also good - left hand right did not it! See you like ~fb91817ecad621d8eb7ed5c70b0abfaf.jpg
  6. Then, to this step. Also, do not ask! There are eggs, wooden eggs, eggs, eggs! Brother hate eggs!c9f2f5c3b2ff34f22102e024348763c2.jpg
  7. Dough is divided equally. Part of the stand-by, part of the cocoa powder, continue to knead. Words, hand rub really good. . . Do not believe you try. . .b1c1096efaff60a1f2db2d7e01112f46.jpg
  8. Well, even if the brother can skip the two independent column-like pace, but also jump, but the good rub. Btw: This will elaborate on this approach. Ab two combined and then left and right ends of the twist from the middle and then re-stacked to form a combination of abab. And then repeat the last action four to five times, do not force too much rubbing, this is not and face! As long as there is not much cracks on the ok, and finally into the shape you want, including plastic wrap, refrigerator, frozen molding. Remember, Shaping! Not frozen on!00606ac251ff7844ebb5ef7aafd76fb6.jpg
  9. OK, freeze the shape and take out the slices.073faee8e695fa924593c9c1dba5ea9a.jpg
  10. Brother favorite thick film children. So crisp on both sides, the middle crisp.7066e86d97767c55f0372eea342d66c3.jpg
  11. At ease, stand at attention. Comrades, good cook. . .e2956edb0db02b838119078c7ef86b7e.jpg
  12. 175 [deg.], 20 min. Since the beginning of fifteen minutes, please occasionally look, according to their own taste and thickness of Chengdu discretion plus or minus time.f047a29a826cab73fd225264017cab19.jpg
  13. Ding! The pan, Qi live.596c14b9b63d73fae8fc80e73ca57fbe.jpg