Fried mushrooms golden color, crispy and delicious secret is the mushroom gripping dry water and complex fried once. Fried mushrooms put how long it is crisp Oh! Bread batter = flour four tablespoons + egg + starch two tbsp + baking powder a little + water + chicken + a little salt amount, batter into batter, egg batter concentration must be adjusted well, thin hang, thick Uneven hanging!



  • mushroom
  • egg
  • flour
  • Baking powder
  • Clean water
  • starch
  • salt
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Prepare materialsfca40e38c5d7651dea6f4157b569be53.jpg
  2. Wash the mushrooms after the tear strips, gripping dry water83626247a1ce85bd8299906eb6d172e5.jpg
  3. Flour four spoons78d9897c9f6a7c22346efe4496d124ab.jpg
  4. Starch two tablespoons, baking powder a little3716a0f7cd13e5e6a1012e85287e318c.jpg
  5. Eggs one, the amount of water705dd30ffa389894b8841837b807deb2.jpg
  6. Add salt and chicken into a batter79219c3fdc1d78f16a4fc346d767b354.jpg
  7. The mushrooms wrapped in egg custard

  8. Under the pan fried to 67 mature

  9. Remove oil control complex bombing once to mushrooms golden yellow8c6d2416780b3c985b36ecda2303fdbf.jpg
  10. The fried mushrooms are golden crispy09be5689680349baf57c990e23855bc0.jpg
  11. Loading flat plate can enjoy44d0e612817942a1250b86f290a14997.jpg