It is said that the last cranberry bread block plastic surgery a lot of students to adjust the plastic way to change a simple dough which added the carrot inside, the color is very warm and comfortable soft Meng Meng Meng of the good treatment to cure small Ming in the downstairs to play with Small partners to share, all kinds of joy



  • High-gluten flour 200 g low-gluten flour 50 g fine sugar 35 g salt 3 g high-sugar-resistant yeast 2.5 g whole egg 25 g light cream 40 g milk 79 g carrots 55 g butter 16 g
  • Surface decoration
  • Egg white appropriate amount of white sesame seeds


  1. Wash the carrots, peeled and wiped filaments1271822d1e5ea1b3f69c1b3bc02a5c18.jpg
  2. The dough material mixes all the ingredients except butter (including carrot silk) and kneads it into a smooth dough. Add the butter until the dough is roughf7ea73311f87fb46633b871b010eec9d.jpg
  3. Continue to knead to the expansion stage, you can pull out a more solid translucent film9241f0d56ff06a45e8122fd55b93764a.jpg
  4. Knead the dough cover plastic film on the warmth for basic fermentationea9fc683df495399f49d8ca87ee2400b.jpg
  5. Ferment to about 2.5 times the finger sticky flour poke holes do not rebound does not collapse7a04d4c27b089b44dc6cd1059840986d.jpg
  6. Remove the dough and gently press the exhaustf44c23347245e7b737e12135a17a3341.jpg
  7. Divided into six copiese6f1fac592c6f986e50b57807523fd1a.jpg
  8. Sprinkle the back cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes0aa87920cfa20fa2a7b9060226ba88e1.jpg
  9. Take a loosened dough and roll it aside6e93704e4c03df77e186e0a5807268b8.jpg
  10. After the cross-over after the flip, pressure roll growth strip990f26842283a406e4057be0f936e45b.jpg
  11. Long volume of about 20-22 cmfe0e950ebc94feda37763ebbfb905037.jpg
  12. Cut it as shown in the figurea4aa33e43d289dc52f28f5354e515057.jpg
  13. In turn do a good job in the baking traydfb20566fdea86899e73a0b684b40a07.jpg
  14. Placed in a warm and humid (reference temperature of about 38% humidity of about 75%) under the final fermentation to 2 times the large space can be placed in a closed (such as foam boxes, microwave ovens, ovens, etc.), which put two cups of warm water to improve temperature and humidity days Cold water cooler and faster, timely replacement098ae96f59fd48ea9cc598ec212f3316.jpg
  15. The whole surface of thin brush egg, the middle point on the white sesame1f14f9729ab501bc3fe2727d0021cdf1.jpg
  16. Into the fully preheated oven, the upper and lower tubes 200 degrees baking 12 minutes30d064d6ea5fa44734d88661f4142aae.jpg
  17. Baked to cool the shelf to cool after the seal can be savedbf37d8fd220f672b168e7f137e57b247.jpg
  18. Scrub board as showneb622b0961f5bd111085f5a2c7927aa7.jpg
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1, the liquid flexible, mixed materials, please adjust milk when you stay! You can leave 10-15 grams of post-adjustment light cream can be used about 22 grams of milk or the equivalent of thick yogurt instead of 2, on how to rub out the film problem, you need children’s shoes own site search manual dough video reference 3, 4, plastic, then wake up to put in place, roll out the length to be enough, cut the time interval is not too short, otherwise the hair will be down, like the dried fruit filling can be in the volume of the time Package into. 5, baking temperature time only for reference, according to their own oven master. Preheat the oven in advance. 6, the election of smaller eggs, the amount of formula used to say the rest is just used to brush Oh ~ ~