Cold days would like to eat warm, especially the meat ah ah cheese these high-calorie foods, as if to eat the stomach have been warm to the ironing of the paste! The home of a hundred Giff easy cheese pieces, hamburgers or sandwiches are a good helper, and today with it and the law stick a whole ultra-luxurious heart warm breakfast. Crispy law stick sandwiched with smoked aroma of bacon ham, and the heart of the heart of the rich dance, bite the mouth of Apple’s sweet and crisp, start it!



  • Method 1/5 section
  • B & G Cheese slices (fragrant original flavor) 4
  • A small piece of butter
  • Bacon 3 pieces
  • Ham 3 pieces
  • Apple half


  1. Ready to prepare ingredients, meat can also be a second election.2eb75e68d45b6f2195a626c15bdb35c4.jpg
  2. Take a method of sticks, sticks because it is a bad round of fixed, with a knife at the bottom cut off a little, let the law stick can be set on the plane.baec5a39c99d2ead79d947141bdf1fa0.jpg
  3. With a knife to cut the stick into a piece, do not cut each knife cut in the end, the bottom of about 2cm or so, so that even the organ is like a wood there (there!306589f78e2d5a400f819b0821f5e1ef.jpg
  4. Butter put the microwave oven, the fire 50 seconds or so, with a brush to the internal law of each stick are thin layer of butter on the brush liquid, so baked out of the law stick attached to the aroma of butter more crispy and delicious, and difficult to bake.95bfe8372ea371a9da588ce6177429d5.jpg
  5. I use the Baekifuku fragrant original cheese pieces, each piece is cut into 4 small pieces; bacon ham slices are cut accordingly the same size, apple slices cut thin slices (the proposed final disposal of the apple, because of its contact with the air easily Discoloration)a8d2d3b5a922078a9644b2c2b437781b.jpg
  6. Each piece of sticks in the folder with a piece of 100 Gifford Cheese film201cbabec5ffa3a0b0a30025600ed5b9.jpg
  7. And then put a main ingredientf85be76c26b47a1a828cf9b1d135ef8d.jpg
  8. Follow the order of Cheese & Bacon, Cheese & Apple, Cheese & Ham.2b5aad48b966c21713f9952e79082f64.jpg
  9. Preheat the oven in advance, with the remaining butter in the surface and then rinse a layer, into the oven in the lower, 180 degrees test about 15 minutes.de673b5ffa56c0dbf67433fee3a3a051.jpg
  10. Baked out to take the hot to eat, a bite down, crispy law stick, rich heart wrapped in flesh Zhixin, there are sweet and apple pieces, greatly satisfied!de4b60e782614a55ee586349c922f4b2.jpg


  1. Meat recommended bacon or ham selection, compared with the law stick take 2. Method stick cut when the attention should be paid not to cut off, thin but also uniform, too thick when the plug easily broken ingredients