Everyone can make their own pattern ~ ~ ~ ~



  • Low gluten flour 130g
  • Saltless butter 70g
  • Powdered sugar 40g
  • Whole egg 25g
  • 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder (about 3.5g)


  1. The butter softens at room temperature and softens slightly898d88eb29a2f776986774c5d236b62a.jpg
  2. Add powdered sugar7f8b9100d17f8f1ecf6eb1c4655a7a9b.jpg
  3. Stir to pale, do not pass too much0b5bf97a2abf65230c0d37c0aa41e907.jpg
  4. Several times to join the egg, each time to join are stirring and then continue to increasebd47bd96acc0020e29a4104adbba7c44.jpg
  5. Egg to join all playing uniform81c0fa45391698dcdea938adad292db6.jpg
  6. Sieve into low powder86791b912a6b847cffb33337d28ccb01.jpg
  7. Slightly mix with a scraper to a substantially dry powder2df6569bfe0c1fae866a90f432e8c7a8.jpg
  8. Separate 1/3 to join the cocoa powder050f59a35c1efcdfa3a5c51b7501c614.jpg
  9. Mix the two parts of the batter into a ballc5b3684cfbd215d568714b3eb689c478.jpg
  10. The two dough were pressed into the size of the square area6e02ac58fd822ece6dcb75a44b430ee1.jpg
  11. Press the cocoa dough over the original dough296afd85d67899f62e3185bd031c4c82.jpg
  12. Everything is two, stacked up, flattened, repeated 3 timesabc40174ddeb741a3bb0f859e2c354fa.jpg
  13. The dough is kneaded with a cling film for 30 minutes0dc344e4843f34e61f1638b8eb2429f6.jpg
  14. Frozen hard with a knife and cut into pieces, into the pana5766d7ba88a9fb9a5c63880a5d364c4.jpg
  15. Preheat the oven up and down the fire 160 degrees, 15 minutes. After the fire off the stew for 10 minutes and let cool ~f8a7d7cf6011ad25a1edb658568c6e19.jpg