I had previously received the same paragraph meat fillet recipe was widely acclaimed, and this time further improved, with a precise ratio of spices, baking time adjustment, the finished product even better, there is a collection of the oven and pan Dual version of the practice. Healthy low-fat meat this line of delicious meat, whether as snacks, snacks, protein supplies are particularly appropriate, from the mother no longer worry about me a snack on the fat it!



  • chicken breast
  • olive oil
  • ketchup
  • pepper
  • salt


  1. Flying chicken breast586e7f488c6e442c7de843b921a1a8fa.jpg
  2. Boil the pot of water, add the right amount of cooking wine and ginger, into the chicken breast boiled for 10 minutes, almost cooked on it.05060b52996ce12d20a7c4abbbdd6ac6.jpg
  3. Put aside his sleeves, stretched out his hands, do a race against time and action: Roberts children. Pulling the pull can pull out the sense of rhythm. Roasted skills: chicken breasts do not cook too old, with the thumb of chicken breasts rolled into a wire-like, and then you can quickly unplug the.51c030a201f053ba0218a964c22decb9.jpg
  4. Chicken breast per 100 g of cooked silk: add 4g olive oil, 18g tomato sauce, 1.3g salt, pepper appropriate (about 0.5g). If you do not have a kitchen scale, add appropriate amount of seasoning stir chicken, the taste of taste through to taste Oh! PS: You can also try to add other seasonings, to experience a different taste.e9d4b7e034133dc0a59a2981d0f05457.jpg
  5. Stir well, pickled a ten minutes. The oven can be preheated during curing.e5e2cbf4d6e46ca9fb32bab19bb46aed.jpg
  6. Baking paper covered with aluminum foil, and then evenly covered with chicken breast wire. Into the preheated 190 ℃ oven, take out every 10 minutes to stir out a turn, bake about 30 minutes. PS: The time of baking depends on the amount of chicken breasts, chicken breasts the more the more water, the longer the baking time, chicken broth less shorten the corresponding baking time. Observe the pork roasted almost time to prevent burning can be transferred to 180 ℃ to bake.67397d17fcf7dac84871a55bfcea4eb1.jpg
  7. Just baked out of the meat is very good to eat the meat, but not the best time to eat, so cool to eat later, the taste will be better Oh!97bab2106bb2190ef25150a864eb61d3.jpg
  8. This pot is made with a flat-bottomed stone pot. Method: pan with medium heat, poured into the chicken breast slightly hot, stir a stir tile, turn a small fire on the lid (leaving a little seam) slow drying, stir fry every eighty-nine time, almost half an hour All right.1166a4cc61aafbac5002aba26d6c7c62.jpg
  9. This section of chicken breasts dry low-fat high-protein, ultra-delicious healthy snacks you deserve! Since then my mother no longer worry about me to eat on the fat it!eb2b8cf32f4fdf684165d7242750373b.jpg