Boil until all the sugar to melt, water evaporation, thick soup, stirring constantly. Add white vinegar from the fire at the right time, join the hawthorn quickly stir fry, start sticky, do not worry, one will slowly turn white, stir fry do not stop, or sugar will be completely cooled together on the stick together, do not hurry, slowly Come, for a while your sugar ball hung on the snow, Come on!



  • Hawthorn
  • Yam beans
  • White sugar
  • White vinegar
  • Clean water


  1. Hawthorn washed with water, dry water, this is very important! If it is yam beans, we must first cooked beans.0d5f37cfda82167ae6fab7c470fd99dd.jpg
  2. Pot set fire to the sugar and water, the ratio is 2: 1, the amount of sugar in accordance with the number of Hawthorn to adjust their own854c0558528e7dd28dd1f8a78b884935.jpg
  3. Open medium and small Huozhu system, while stirring with a shovel mixing ice sugar juice, boiled sugar, use the shovel constantly stirring, so as not to paste pot.b3f1d8d1bbf0127274f6a84814c937dd.jpg
  4. Boil until all the sugar melted, water evaporation2f2eaed09fd3010f136a50d0ef2b64df.jpg
  5. Small bubbles in the pan640f23456c44cb06a9162e99a684b69c.jpg
  6. Drizzle into a spoonful of white vinegar vinegar, leaching into the white vinegar can quickly crystallize sugar juice phenomenonc13f361a3974bc1d0ab9f40f28f6624d.jpg
  7. At this time into the hawthorn6127517f3830dd146d08913dd5ef5e95.jpg
  8. With a shovel to white vinegar and rock sugar juice stir immediately after the closing off the fire, into the dry hawthorn, and fast mixing with a shovel, do not open fire stirring, crushed rotten hawthorne4e0d364532e6ac9dfaf118389afe942.jpg
  9. So that the surface of Hawthorn evenly wrapped by the soup, continue to stir.3820590b804bd3b52923895d1888f5d9.jpg
  10. With the decrease of the temperature of the juice, the sugar juice wrapped on the surface of the hawthorn began to appear white crystallization phenomenon, until the sugar juice temperature cooling, the more obvious white crystals, which requires sufficient patience.269f0069173d886b6b27215eb992e666.jpg
  11. Yam bean is the same07511436283d01584542103f2e131295.jpg
  12. Slowly start discolorationaee458fbff39562f41ef2a37142a549b.jpg
  13. More and more white and white Oh45a3fb36eb4b3ccb879b8a46c0d2a4ce.jpg
  14. Into a yam bean snowball563fbf7ba0a375e8ee204b0bcf9bca1c.jpg