We do super delicious beef rice, and taste like Yoshinoya. Prescription from @ Yifu canteen. Seasoning a little change, or so delicious. Wood with Japanese sake on the use of cooking wine, wood flavor Lin on the use of glutinous rice wine instead, looks like this is the taste of Lin Lin stuffed with rice and stuffed manufacturing. Soup bibimbap is a meal, hula hula eat a lot of it for the first time to do half the amount of material is the amount of 2, must use the beef made of beef to do the taste.



  • One onion
  • Fat beef 200 grams
  • Cooking wine 35ml
  • Rice wine 35ml
  • Soy sauce 50ml
  • Water 400ml
  • Sugar 20 grams


  1. Cut the onionba429786b570c13fe6ebfca5d6885154.jpg
  2. Water to boil, add onion. Cooking wine, rice wine, sugar and so on71194ac6ee37099aa9dc1322e3da4b40.jpg
  3. Then put the fat beefde318b7f7fc213bb9f56621fd03ce6b2.jpg
  4. Fat beef draw a few, to the foam8b4dea7f779a095114c5fade15272d6c.jpg
  5. Put soy sauce, small fire for 20 minutes. Let the beef more tasty, onion soft. The figure I put a little more waterefccfcca663738105b2a6b75a8384bc8.jpg
  6. 2/3 dried soup when the income is almost the same.2b13f9581849513cf25dcea2b4f3a8b4.jpg
  7. Poured on white rice, put a little soup. Open to eat00b9ac3d92efefd9cb871fc2bff28c7b.jpg