Simple, fast-hand without losing the taste. Boiled potatoes and steamed potatoes Baked potatoes the biggest difference is that more water, powder waxy not card throat!



  • 1 potatoes
  • Lard amount
  • Salt appropriate


  1. Potatoes cut into thick strips, be sure to thick bar Oh! Otherwise boil it!a7c5d306a8ca7c62f76f14682d4bdab0.jpg
  2. Pot of water boil, add the right amount of lard or cooking oile25bbae0af7e4f50aa8e977f6d88fcd0.jpg
  3. A spoonful of salt,7f5876a8c495f4abc5defdffabff31dc.jpg
  4. Potatoes into the pot boiled 8 minutes or so, depending on the size of potatoes to increase or decrease the time.6dda396045a27af8c9eb487c95f6b284.jpg
  5. Remove a potato, with a clip on the chopsticks can be slightly ~! Drain water, transfer to a plate.47205859f64878a577f38d1d7f4ac936.jpg
  6. Installed after the dish, some drops of lard on the potatoes, playing a spoonful of hot pot of water, transferred to a little salt and then pour in the potato! carry oute64477f6a69b28770483f48abe25c255.jpg
  7. Let ‘s have this potatoes with this waxy original sauce! .2648f7b1efe1a2c9a4b8e6bd7998ea3c.jpg


  1. potatoes remember to cut rough! 2. How to identify the boiled potatoes are cooked, you can observe the pot of potatoes from the transparent into the picture on the uniform yellow pink is ripe slightly! 3. boiled potatoes to eat while hot! .