There are countless recipes for steaks, but there are a lot of problems with the recipes, so it’s a bit of a steak. Today to say that this approach is to continue to study the United States after four years, during which consult various people, try a variety of practices, and finally summed up the synthesizer. Did not dare to boast, but the end burst about friendly \ ‘s ah, applebee ah like the chain is absolutely no problem. Experts can skip the steps directly to see some tips to correct a few easy mistakes. Also stressed that the recipes of course, homemade practice, focusing on simple, easy to operate, and professional practice must be different, because the family does not have the conditions of professional kitchen. So prick friends please mouth mercy.



  • steak
  • salt
  • black pepper powder
  • oil
  • Butter optional
  • Red wine optional


  1. Buy a little steak in the supermarket, be careful not to buy leg meat or tendons. I recommend eye meat, fat, delicious. Beginners do not buy T bone and the like with bones, not easy to do. Do not need too expensive, the United States here 5 knife a pound has been very good, 10 knife can be skilled to buy. A little more delicious indeed

  2. Take the knife back to beef broken ribs. Just knock on like this step is not the key, knocked easily cooked, and feel more ah ha ha

  3. Pickled: steak on salt, black pepper, cast oil, marinated for one hour or more

  4. Pickled steak, shiny surface shiny, you can wok

  5. Heat pan, directly into the steak

  6. Side frying for the side, turning once is enough, do not turn to turn. Time to grasp, the fire about 1 minute, or the surface of the charred can turn. (There are also the master said that every 15 seconds to turn once, turn back and forth until the internal cooked this kind of thing there are different ways to see everyone preferences.)

  7. Turn off the heat, take advantage of the pot of Yu Wen plus the last spices: a teaspoon of red wine, or a small piece of butter, pour a little bit of soy sauce can be. Here you can freely play. IMPORTANT: Let stand for 5 minutes.

  8. Added: Many people referred to the”iron striped pot”. Often do steak, then you can start with one, you deserve it. But this thing in addition to steak also no other use. . .9b2f05aa9530af45d443ff11eca1880b.jpg