Say the stars are the tears of the poor.. So.. I think.. tofu is the poor meat. Meat. Me.. (^_^) v has always been on the bean products are more preferred. Remember when young.. ah. When I was young, I especially liked to eat a local specialty in Hunan, and I forgot to send my friends to me for a few months… until later, I found my face changed from dumplings to dumplings. Big meat bag.. really is the face. Not that Sha… (≧ ∇ ≦) eat a lot of kinds of snacks are dried bean stew.. after their own cooking. Will feel that this cargo is for the bean lovers. It can be a snack.. you say. This ad enough official enough.. (᷄᷄᷄ ̫᷅˵ ~ ᷅˵)



  • North tofu (Lao Doufu) 3-4 blocks
  • Octagonal one
  • Cinnamon a small piece
  • Geraniol one
  • The amount of oil
  • Rock sugar a soup spoon
  • Sucking amount
  • Soy sauce amount
  • Salt appropriate
  • Sugar amount
  • Health powder 1 tablespoon


  1. A pot. Put two bowls of water go! Put the octagonal. Cinnamon. Leaves into the boil. After boiling. Turn a small fire.. cook for 20 minutes or so!ef067a795e5046f29f5e6ce6ea27f482.jpg
  2. Tofu film into a piece of about 0.5Cm.. too thin not delicious.. Of course… Too thick is not tasty.. ╮ (¯ ▽ ¯””) ╭6fcd176991af05d527f4d449bf170996.jpg
  3. Half cut into triangles.86553d645395d0eae7ab66cb0567be5d.jpg
  4. Put the oil in the oil pan.. oil into the tofu after the big fire.. the fire can not be too small.2af9e73e7065988f4a39cda25cbc809c.jpg
  5. Fry until golden… remove7b6a54d073616efa95695aef4c95cc3d.jpg
  6. In fact, this is the oil tofu.. (You can fry a little deeper than the picture. Night shot with color) usually want to eat oil tofu.c9dcfc532a9e4c8d292df3a4e928878a.jpg
  7. The pot to stay in the base oil.. into rock sugar ~2bbfb218b4e2fed8c4d7bb2d8d449af0.jpg
  8. Heat a small fire to sugar to change color.. Take small bubbles…2a1bb05d21f9509455c88c9015884235.jpg
  9. Into the tofu quickly stir fry color.. (big night shot.c713ea29ceb9e8d5c77919a62a00548d.jpg
  10. Then put the fried brine before adding a little soy sauce. Soy sauce. Some sugar.. small heat cook a few minutes later.af256e7f0bbc1ba81155381d107a1663.jpg
  11. Prepare some raw powder water. That is, mix the raw powder and water evenly!961ed6c9f6200c85b2ca4a335eb6e32e.jpg
  12. Tofu to receive half of the juice. Put a little salt. Do not have more.. Immediately close dry. Put the raw powder into the water.ca40b4f464f6ff2ff8925ab7a37601ba.jpg
  13. Honey, dried to do a good job.. can spread white sesame seeds. I have wood.b8bd05ed9c34cc76c4a81cff003ff451.jpg
  14. Who borrowed some white sesame seeds to sprinkle mebeb3c68af9c6f45ba7de04a419ec3dbb.jpg


This is the sweet side of the bean curd.. If you do not like to eat too sweet. Can not put sugar. Like to eat honey can also hold sugar. After pouring some honey on the pan to eat..! Like hot spicy can put pepper. Less sugar. Do spicy mouth.. fried tofu. Can be a little deep-fried old. So the back of the time there are more taste.. this can also give as good. The kitchen of a few women sent to.. Let them eat my tofu. ~ (᷄᷄᷄ ̫᷅˵ ~ ᷅˵) Hey. Come…. close to a little. Said a whisper: I opened a new public number. Do you want to hook up? ^ Ω ^ Public number: Our food and love