Ancient health home said sesame”Eight Valley, only this is good”. Sesame is rich in vitamin E, minerals and other nutrients, with antioxidant, to help growth, the effectiveness of skin beauty. - Sesame seeds can not only as a selection of ingredients dotted dessert, but also aroma for the aroma of bread to add color.



  • High-gluten flour 250 grams
  • Low-gluten flour 50 grams
  • 45 grams of fine sugar
  • Salt 2.5 g
  • Yeast powder 4 grams
  • 25 grams of whole eggs
  • Milk powder 15 grams
  • 30 grams of milk
  • Thick yogurt 120 grams (20 grams of discretion to increase)
  • Cream 25 grams
  • Butter (or corn oil) 15 grams
  • Cooked black sesame seeds 30 grams
  • Gold plate 243 × 243 × 35mm1 months
  • Dry flour (surface) a small amount


  1. The warm milk (not more than 40 degrees, hand skin temperature) and yeast mix mixed open.57076ec391200ced1d444b183a1e5ce1.jpg
  2. Pour thick yogurt, cream, sugar, salt, eggs, stirring open.5c5345f47a7d6b41136b05759ffc3f44.jpg
  3. Pour flour and mix well.e9f26aa1c2c93365f9745a6c9412834b.jpg
  4. Bunched dough into a smooth surface, add butter and knead until the dough is extended stage.d4ca44a7884a64891d3e0b30164a7e6e.jpg
  5. Cut small pieces of dough can be opened by hand uniform film.33b4ad932f770c902c24c36621a3b847.jpg
  6. Again, add black sesame and rub evenly.c77aaae79ac633d2db9c2127ae6c9bb9.jpg
  7. Round into the basin covered with plastic wrap to ferment to twice as large.acc0c60073a29fc88afa10cbd776c114.jpg
  8. Dip into the dough with the index finger, remove, the pits do not rebound.81ee96688f261dbf62abda70675d6545.jpg
  9. Remove the dough from the exhaust, divided into 16 equal parts (one about 35 grams) hand rub the round cover on the plastic wrap for 15 minutes.d74e29094c5c38dc4bab5106ffd8be9e.jpg
  10. Press the exhaust again by hand, rubbing round placed in the pan placed well. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment to twice as large.c800fd69abe88ffaaba975eb6bd085fd.jpg
  11. Sprinkle a small amount of dry flour on the surface. Preheat the oven 200 degrees, from top to bottom, the middle 180 degrees bake 20 minutes.ef4c27bcfaa40043f9d5c5ebb535b183.jpg
  12. Finished products0d2f752dc4bd37fcba9b0226c991284a.jpg
  13. Soft and delicious01857c606fa4a401e4bbd95980c14dc3.jpg


  1. There are differences in water absorption of flour? Dough liquid material is not recommended to join, leaving a small part of the liquid material (thick yogurt 20 grams), observed after the appropriate addition. 2. Winter fermentation time is relatively long, but also artificial temperature to improve low temperature state. (Such as the bottom of the oven into a bowl of boiling water) 3. Each oven has its own characteristics, baking temperature and time is only reference, the furnace must pay attention to good control.