The bubble bath bubble of the little girl cake is the previous day to my great aunt to do, spike family and my WeChat circle of friends, the United States and the United States da, Meng Meng da. This cake looks complicated, in fact, very simple decoration, even if you do not use the mouth without any Biaohua basis, as long as the brave to try, be patient, will allow themselves and people around the surprise. Taobao shop: honey sweet handmade private dessert WeChat public account: honey sweet dessert Sina microblogging: Yue Yue Yue happy



  • 8 inch cake billet one
  • Animal light cream 500 grams
  • 50 grams of sugar with sugar
  • Doll 1
  • Food color a little


  1. 1, first prepared a small doll doll, I”steal”my fruit fruit, in fact, not stolen, I was in exchange for two lollipops and her drops, and that a good birthday to aunt also finished She, I can count the number of words, ha ha.e32d67f22c129734cdc920309978cb64.jpg
  2. 2, cake billet average divided into three equal parts.16ae34e6df76c71ec03c11224bf5ddce.jpg
  3. 3, ready for animal cream and mezzanine fruit, I did not buy the day lazy, home only bananas and honey beans. Light cream, I use the most is the New Zealand Anjia and the French Tower, a good pass, cost and taste are good.a5327049a0dadaec86d84fe9f6e4f17c.jpg
  4. 4, light cream sent after a layer of cake billet, a layer of cream, a layer of fruit, folded.bf187ef39cc2a2f7e0c3bf06fc179927.jpg
  5. 5, the middle of the cake with a knife to dig the right size of the hole, the baby’s body wrapped in plastic wrap.08c012428026549de7a9c7ee0b883c9e.jpg
  6. 6, the surface of the cake and the surrounding cast a good cream, do not consider the formation.2f9a6588052a194a11aec3d530d4075b.jpg
  7. 7, sent a good light cream in two, more than a share of water to join the food color mixing Xu (I used the United States Americolor), color with their own preferences.9dad74633d4b0a0d9d98b14037c2800c.jpg
  8. 8, the Banhao the color of light cream loaded Biaohua Dai, cut small mouth, in the cake surface squeeze”noodles.”555f489254079ba8f7c37d09e800f6b0.jpg
  9. 9, the body wrapped in plastic wrap on the small dolls to stay in a good cake hole.7e098a333efc297c622a75ba2762e4a0.jpg
  10. 10, the surface squeeze a little larger on the white dot, is very simple, the effect is very good.aee8397b8772324b6e45b7b0dc84b5b5.jpg
  11. 11, packing it, the person will receive like da.43cbcfa3a44223f01273df9351f3dacc.jpg


This presentation is 8-inch cake billet decoration, 6-inch cake, half the amount of butter cream.