Polite ~~~ ya tert-on the first floor …

Said TV often has several women loves a man ~ ~ ~ well, sometimes I just in front of the television to scold men blind ~ ~ ~ so we combined with man’s own situation, combined with the female main character + face value index, if you’re a man, who would you choose??? (Note: following is a personal YY, don’t tear me!!! Can tear 233333)

1 Tang Shuang long Shi Feixuan PK VS Wan Wan the first round Shi Feixuan: CI hang Jing Chai Saint, martial, good-natured, intelligent … Well anyway you can think of all of the praise Word Shi Feixuan did …  Anyway, the wood’s controversial Saint!!! Man she was love at first sight, have always been men chasing women, they love model is commonly known as the platonic love of the industry Ah! Without physical contact!!! Shi Feixuan practice, men take along, but not what you want to repair, is to meditate!!!  Kang busy!!! Wan Wan: Mo Jiao Yin GUI-succubus, martial arts was also good, against the ruthless, treat love taoxintaofei love men to want him only once!!! Yes, it’s that you want to be!!! Know men love Shi Feixuan, and also help them in …  Enemies hang fried day, gentle and cute in front of men. impression of the phrase “my name is Xu Ziling woman” I think demon women more sense too Xian second round yan Shi Feixuan PK values they are good-looking, Xian Shi Feixuan temperament, Wan Wan style. Of course I prefer Shi Feixuan’s face if you are a male Master Xu Ziling: fairy goddess of the one you love at first sight, a magic to teach women that is wholeheartedly for you, who would you choose???

Shi Feixuan Wan Wan

2 Xiao Li Fei DAO Lin Shi Yin VS Yang Yan VS Sun Xiaohong PK Lin shiyin first round character: male cousin and childhood sweetheart, gentle and beautiful temperament, super nice, not martial ~ because of men like her adopted brother, inexplicably lying guns were sent by men (me, this TM logic of God) Yang: nickname, the sweet smile dimpling the fairies ~ ~ name knew not ugly!!!  A debut to beauty to conquer the world, martial arts that are pretty good, eyes overhead of long long ~ visible on the eyebrows, this was a proud cold beauty, men would not look at her. Sun Xiaohong: man is the little girls worship of God ~ ~ silent all the way by men side, known as the “warm jacket” personally prefer Yang, martial arts and high quality harsh … Lin Shi Yin too soft, Sun Xiaohong was good is feeling a little sister is big beautiful women second round face value PK, Lin shiyin was Qiang Xiao yan’s peak, Sun Xiaohong is I think Alyssa costume roles in the most beautiful face ~ ~ ~ not to mention!!! I chose Yang 233333 can’t I yujie wood resistant to ~~ if you are a male Master Li Xun Huan: a cousin of your sweetheart in tender and beautiful small hands, you close one and Jinghong of noble cool fairy, one is implied by your side to take care of your daily life jacket … Who would you choose??

Lin shiyin: Yang: Sun Xiaohong:

3 young Wang Bai Su VS Joe VS Joe first round PK Bai Su: authentic fume Blanc a ~~ is the kind of beauty and wisdom in my life set in a perfect set to save the Galaxy. martial arts high marksmanship, intelligent view of three, hurt my brother and dad love, Chinese musical instruments, everything!!! She is the goddess of all men, experienced many adventures with men, can be said to be a close love ~~ daqiao: aliens set, move heaven and omnipotent superpower do things ~ ~ hot ~ ~ ambitious want to unify the rivers and lakes, rivers and Lakes known as “Queen Bee” nickname is female wangfan!!! But long and previous husband after a hairy man, to get him, desperately wanted to kill a white pigment …  To a man, even not the world, to die to save men, lmnt wood!!!   Cole: Big Joe, her sister, is also a super ability in patients with ~ in order to help her save, willing to spend all my energy, the late Joe wanted to kill a white pigment, Cole helped them escape for men is true love: Hello!!! These three people are quite nice, a life winner white Phu, and it’s not stupid white sweet Virgin … A Queen is omnipotent, other people can die but single-minded obsession to lovers, good …  And a man can not, bless men like to be angels … Second round yan value PK anyway I like white pigment’s ‘s’s ‘s ~ ~ ~ ~ more looks more pure of temperament ~ big Qiao Xiaoqiao also are good, but no sense if you is male main Wei Si acting: a is you love at first sight on sent 4 to bubble to of goddess, a is suddenly with you said with you has 1000 years fate of mafia Queen, a is has been silently help you of small Angel… Who would you choose??

Bai Su: daqiao: Cole:

4 PK yuanzhenxia Joey Huang VS first round Lan Ling VS cloud character Joey Huang: glamour and star appearances is a “brush brush” kill a large!!! Gao Fushuai man God’s men, her birds bird … Women are beautiful, not rare, and NIMA and beautiful personality man life!!! Yes, Goddess she won’t cry (not the lame wardrobe than, stronger stems), as the goddess is to transform people, the not-so-human, so early you cold cold cold …  Later injection of genes of the Lan Ling, kind, tender up to the goddess lives!!!  Lan Ling: men official girlfriend. dance teacher, kind, like a Tarot card ~ plot to promote her brand …  Cloud: small fans of men, cute little nurse. As an astronomy, geography, martial arts, high music master of the perfect rich handsome men, in fact more attracted he is Joey Huang, you have to ask why he was attracted?? Well, yes face …. But Joey Huang early bird he, then he and Lan Ling ~ ~ ~ set of men, the clouds did not appeal the second round face value PK which is a notoriously beauty blast table drama!!! Do you think Athena Chu yan value play, then Catherine Hung out, do you think Catherine Hung is the façade, and Michelle Reis came out!!!  Beauty is out, I’m Michelle Reis …   If you are a male master yuanzhenxia: a big star is your first glance at the first sight, but she is not too harsh a bird you ~ is a gentle and generous, considerate to you forever, don’t eat the perfect girlfriend even jealous ~ ~ ~ there is a small fan is you as an idol … Who would you choose??

黄娟:            蓝绫:            云彩:

81 sleeps ~ ~ ~ ~

5 Wu Lin Wai Bai feifei PK Bai feifei VS Julia 77 first round character: from the father without Niang beat live … Little hostility in very heavy ~ ~ ~ the girl until she met the man, I feel is love ~ ~ ~ in short, this is caused by a childhood love child ~ ~ ~ so extreme, not sunny character. beginning of men pouring and lungs, but divide by her mother after she and her primary emotion, immediately men miserably no mercy …  Lack of security … Julia 77: it is the opposite of Julia 77 … Miss Millennium Kingdom, from the much-loved. wayward unruly but good-natured second round face value PK TU … … do not know whether I was blind … Bai feifei super beautiful memories, Julia 77 so ugly … But now, Bai feifei my not so beautiful, Julia 77 is not so ugly she is!!!  Nani, what years did to my aesthetic!!! If you are a male master Shen lang: is a mess at the beginning of your love and affection, affection, results later found out this was a ruthless woman is obstinate self-will but has a kind heart, though she was your father an enemy’s daughter, who would you choose??

Bai feifei: 77 Zhu:

6 at the Dolphin Bay VS Xu Shanni PK in the first leg on the horizon the horizon: flow out to the Xu family since childhood, her mother died in a car accident, and adoptive mother, a bitter life since childhood …  But you know, optimistic money such as Baba ~~~ her good friend and men grew up in an orphanage and later years ~ ~ yes, is the man … Xu Shanni: Miss Xu Jiada orthodoxy, Miss standard gold configuration … Capable of good-looking, man adopted identity of sorts, but men told him “sometimes not so strong” (eggs, really easy to cheat, the goddess … ) TM fell … To be with men, settling is called a …  Finally, terminal illness, men have mercy on her and married her, but dead last-second round face value PK Penny Lin is my goddess, let me say something about you!!! If you are a male Master Xu Zeya: one is you want to find, only to you of childhood in an orphanage, adult does not know that she is still in love with her, after a thousand Miss Kemal BOKHARY, is for you to have no friends, but you thought she was his sister who would you choose?? (With play ending male owner and sky, sunny died)

Horizon: Xu Shanni:

Since some of these roles face value when the original is good, but actor not high ~ ~ ~ so there are original, or several remake mix ~ ~ ~ ~ I was looking for. … (Don’t call me!!! )

7 Yi Tian TU long JI Zhao VS PK Zhao Zhou zhiruo VS small Zhao first round character: Meng Gujun, witty, tricky ~ martial arts General. but dares to love and hate for love, to be with men, leaving Princess status, see the rough here is a love mind wandering female paper … I like Zhao’s character, her bad her unruly is on the surface we see ~ Zhou zhiruo: delicate, but inside has a somber biting side. latter part because male master huihun master’s will, black!!! In order to get the Dragon Sabre, killed the man and his fiancee and adopted father, showing that this is not a good crop.  She and Zhao are different, are hidden in her bad effeminate appearance.  Small Zhao: her mom ideas lurking in the men’s side, but has a kind heart, the man is called a gentle and considerate, male confidante Ah ~ ~ ~ late of the Lord to protect men, flee Persia when Archbishop, cannot marry for life … (Spiders release, Zhang Wuji the face control will not like her) personality, Zhao is more attracted to a man’s conquest, Biao Zhou zhiruo are green tea men performed is carried away by her ~ ~ small Zhao is a man’s ideal wife … I selected small Zhao 23333 second round yan value PK following is Jin Yong novel in of description Zhao: surface ying as jade, eye Cheng like water, smile Ying ying, not only gorgeous not party real, also owned a said not of charming cute, sometimes and show faction pure beautiful. seriously worthy of “Mongolia first beauty, and first beauty” of title Zhou zhiruo: as South water months of beautiful, moist as jade, clear as water, pure elegant, beautiful over constant, elegant must custom, out dust as fairy,  As beautiful as heaven. like fairy down to Earth, is a rare and beautiful women in the world … small Zhao: flair stunning beauty of embryos, first beauty of the mother as the many conquests in the martial arts, white teeth, Tao smiling Li Yan, though young in age, but he ended up like Xiaolu hibiscus, is very adorable, handsome must face, snow high nose, eyes and even wisdom.  See description, are nimamei to didn’t friends, but should is Zhao more wins a raised’s, after all has first beauty of title ~~~ if you is male advocates no bogey: you will selected a let you and love and hate of Shao sensitive Princess, also is a grew up on you has en, will provoked you protection to, but inside somewhat evil of Zhou Guniang also is in you side silently served you, put you Dang Emperor of good solutions satisfactory small Zhao you selected who??? (End Zhang Wuji was too melodramatic in the book, together with Zhou zhiruo Zhao? Opera version is together with Zhao)

Zhao: Zhou zhiruo: small Zhao:

PK in the first leg, Zhao Ling ‘: early do not understand things, was an innocent little girl ~~ and one of the men got married in the first place, there are children … Unfortunately, man is the method under amnesia … Then open the road of bitter know they are descendants of Nu Wa, bear the responsibility of saving the nanzhao people carrying too much … In order to keep the men under pressure and kept the child abuse child abuse cruelty to men ~ ~ ~ Lin Yueru: Miss Lin Jia Bao, early brutal rude, but my heart’s still pretty good ~~~ belonging to bark a warm heart … Like after the men, along with men, is to accompany men linger all the way ~ ~ ~ although there are three suspects, but she didn’t know they had. Later to saved male owners and spirit son, sacrifice has himself second round yan value PK actually months as this role is Ann to Xuan yan value peak has’s ~~ but spirit son open has hanging of beauty, threw I selected spirit son ~~ if you is male main Lee unfettered, a is you has shown signs of on surprised for heaven, lost recalled yihou so was she seconds to falls in love with of fairy, a is and you enemy, but in you sad pain of when accompany in side of Lin Jiada miss you selected who??? (Women in the play are dead, but happy love is linger)

Zhao Ling ‘: Lin Yueru:

8 Chinese Paladin VS Lin Yueru, Zhao Ling ‘ son (never played the game, I is based on the TV series) first round PK Zhao Ling ‘: early do not understand things, was an innocent little girl ~~ and one of the men got married in the first place, there are children … Unfortunately, man is the method under amnesia … Then open the road of bitter know they are descendants of Nu Wa, bear the responsibility of saving the nanzhao people carrying too much … In order to keep the men under pressure and kept the child abuse child abuse cruelty to men ~ ~ ~ Lin Yueru: Miss Lin Jia Bao, early brutal rude, but my heart’s still pretty good ~~~ belonging to bark a warm heart … Like after the men, along with men, is to accompany men linger all the way ~ ~ ~ although there are three suspects, but she didn’t know they had. Later to saved male owners and spirit son, sacrifice has himself second round yan value PK actually months as this role is Ann to Xuan yan value peak has’s ~~ but spirit son open has hanging of beauty, threw I selected spirit son ~~ if you is male main Lee unfettered, a is you has shown signs of on surprised for heaven, lost recalled yihou so was she seconds to falls in love with of fairy, a is and you enemy, but in you sad pain of when accompany in side of Lin Jiada miss you selected who??? (Women in the play are dead, but happy love is linger) figure at the top, title missing

9 Sparrow (according to the novel!!! Or wood are comparable) Xu Bicheng PK Xu Bicheng VS first round Li Xiaonan character: juntong, came from a prominent family of the Lady, she is the prototype film stars Xu!!! Love men, but in order to tap into the puppet, and partner Tangshan sea posing as a couple, but she is not a rookie in the TV series trouble fine!!! She is man warm spot ~~~ Li Xiaonan: Chinese Communist agents, man online. careless third-rate actor, is meticulous in order to protect the male identity, and finally sacrifices himself, several tragic death … She died, male main only found himself falls in love with she has second round yan value PK novel in description Xu Bicheng is a mature full of female star, described like blue-and-white porcelain General. Li Xiaonan everyone are know has see Figure I to for a Xu Bicheng 233333 if you is male main Chen Shen, a is you in Huangpu military on deep love of woman, a is you to protection you sacrifice lives of woman you selected who???

Xu Bicheng can grow like this: or like this: Li Xiaonan:

10 East travels Peony fairy VS Ho hsien-first round character PK Peony fairy: Queen Mother side of small fairy, yearning for room of love. male main as Tung Wah Group of Shang fairy, destined to and she cannot love. later Tung Wah Group of reincarnation became Lu Tung-pin, Peony fairy to help he was demoted down. to and male main in with, gave up again cultivation immortality of opportunities, and male main entanglement has three world. life are love of too bitter, love of crazy wrapped around. She died Qian, male main finally admitted has been are love she.  He xiangu: one of the eight immortals. first in order to ferry men become immortal and enter his dreams to become his wife, which makes people feel ambiguous ~ because of fairy Peony was demoted down to Earth, still hated immortals. but the immortals are very concerned about, there are difficulties in the first helped him. they love between relatives more like brothers. Second round yan value PK I personal is more like Peony fairy of Yan, Chan if rose (said I has been think only two a people distribution this word, a is Peony, a is Li attitude of Zhao) especially cry of when woman see has are distressed fairy of looks partial British gas, is a beauty’s if you is male main Lu Tung-pin, a is and you has three world love, to love you was demoted down reduced brothel (performers not sold ~) of Peony fairy a is and you hard shared, with killed blame of beauty confidant Ho hsien-you selected who??? (Man in the play love Peony, Peony dies)

Peony fairy: he xiangu:

11 full moon scimitar PK Qin Qin first round VS green character: marrying a wimp husband, always selling herself to help her husband in Exchange for martial arts cheats, until it encounters a handsome man, but is often betrayed, of a man … After rich handsome men cock wire height, she desperately wants to save, but handsome than don’t believe her … She jumps off a cliff, but how does martial arts and jumping off a cliff may die of? Live learning martial arts to men gesture, intentionally killed in the man’s arms …  This is a dare to love and hate of the infatuated woman, man she loved … Green: man cock wire, to accompany him, knowing, like shuaibi Qin to love or marry him, men of no regrets …  Man and cold-blooded revenge, she is kind and affectionate reclaim the conscience of the men, retired to the rivers and lakes. Second round face value PK Irene Wan … Don’t say, I’m Irene Wan …  Sultry is the woman described her ~~~~ Liang Xiaobing also look good, but the nose is flawed … If you are a male master Ding Peng: one had you, but save your love life of the Qin dynasty is right, you do not leave stand by green, who would you choose?? (Drama first love, then love is green)

Qin: Green:

12 Tian long BA BU Wang Yuyan VS Mu Wanqing 233333 first round I just so want things PK Wang Yuyan: childhood lived in Mandolin village, isolated from the otherworldly … To get cousin of concern, read various martial arts cheats, is a live degrees Niang ~ ~ ~ ~ early she all of all are is to cousin, later cousin abandoned she to married xixia Princess, she on jumped well has (I wipe, good wayward of reason), male main on she way dead rotten playing, she was abandoned lonely empty cold of when, finally was male main moved, late wholeheartedly love male main… (Although I feel the love so quickly) Mu Wanqing: provocative, instilled by her mother since childhood idea of man is not a good thing … Helpless man was a central air conditioner, to cover her hot …  Soul to follow the men, but men had she must not be allowed. She did not know how the secular rules, follow the men back to the marble palace, inadvertently breaks the sweet innocence of nature. The World Cup is that you love your brother, BUT!!!  Most of the World Cup is that you managed to convince myself not to love you, when your brother is not your brother …  Pigments and PK in the value read on the second leg of Wang Yuyan Description: a sigh as Duan Yu’s spirit as the spell, and see their backs, only haze shrouded strings into Fairyland. slim physique, shoulder-length hair, refraction is a pure and Holy atmosphere, with a heady aroma of spirits.  Mu Wanqing: in living color sweet, flirtatious and flurried, especially sister much more lovely than the cold gods. While disguised as the British Gas great, looked quite refined, looks very beautiful. it is as his name, “smth, Wan XI Qing Yang.” Each has its advantages, Wang Yuyan was goddess of the hearts of men, Holy …  But I think the real life, Mu Wanqing definitely likable … If you are a male master Duan Yu: is your dream fairy sister, but her initial preoccupation with her cousin, you have to chase hard to catch up with she is a forceful character, Frank and lively, become tender after falling in love with you, but everything you first, if you can’t bother to … The consequences will be serious who would you choose?????

Wang Yuyan: Mu Wanqing:

13 deep rain yiping VS PK yiping as ping the first round from an early age by his polygamous father out of the House, and her mother lived … Appearance looked very cold, has packaged himself as the evil woman, but in fact a Mary Sue … Early family to keep big and small ~~~ see if the Ping man interesting, she first caught men ~~ and man found in his later, Standard Chartered men went and like ping an engagement … She discovered her love love love men … Well just as ping: half-brother and yiping, but lived a very different life … Unrequited love men, but wood have thought that yiping was faster than she … And in fact, I think if the ping is a green tea Biao, aware that men have a girlfriend and can’t stop telling men I wait for you … (10,000 grass-mud horse) also used the spare tire men and two men …. Late stage white washing the face value of the second round PK honestly, such as ping more beautiful, sweet …  Yiping was too hard … If you are a man He Shuhuan, one is your first attracted by her strong character, and find she has enormous hatred on Lu Jia yiping was brought up from the rich, gentle, even your girlfriend has also been said to be waiting for you, you hurt feelings immediately to comfort you all Biao as ping who would you choose??? (Select yiping drama) I’m a guy and I like ping 23333

Yiping: If the ping:

14 Zhu Xian Lu Xueqi VS Baguio Yes, you were right!!!  Original story says, not TV show!!! First round character PK snow Qi: decent qingyun door disciple in the of leader, talent smart, fix for advanced, patience cold out dust, not Hi more tongue words. male main has shown signs of see are can’t see she, because too beauty too fairy ~~~ because male main on she of homes tellers saved, let she began on male main has goodwill. late male main variable body ghost Li, she also not homes and he hands-on she is could put the of woman, also reported raising of en on water months love deep meaning heavy; on qingyun more will defend guardian; she on love vowed, regrets She Zhang Xiaofan open-minded tolerance does not return. life with a clear conscience, worthy of a teacher worthy of love. b: Magic teaches ghost daughter of Wang Zongzong, A green clothing lively smart. and Zhang Xiaofan total death, to he confided has himself of life, and go Yu he, also are because small of appeared, also so resolve has and its parent years of gap. Hou in are magic war in the using spoony curse will a of soul fine blood bulk do block Xia has backlash fairy ancient sword, ransom saved Xia Zhang Xiaofan, fortunately for a soul was Acacia Bell buckle Xia, to flesh not out, ten years to has been not woke up. second round yan value PK snow Qi: pigment yan cold MOU, no lines, only a eyes, let hero Zhang Xiaofan suddenly blush,  She is someone who doesn’t need words to attract the countless people.  Baguio: a green shirt, looks beautiful, thin brows and snow, a pair of bright eyes is very smart, stunning light.  If you are a male master Zhang Xiaofan, who would you choose???? I had read a novel isn’t out of this … I like Leng Meiren, but Baguio is so popular … Ah ~ ~ ~

Lu Xueqi: Baguio:

15 Kong Ci Moon VS VS VS PK you if the first round Kong Ci second dream: the small maids of the world, gentle innocence, good honest, love Nie Feng. later became dominated the chess pieces, to protect the Nie Feng died in Ayumi’s hand. … Life is not from himself to the Moon: Nie Feng first confidante, as a non-guardian of the twins is also a poor people to master their own destiny …  Fall off the cliff last unknown … The second dream: Nie Feng Savior, then two by Dove books dark sincerity …  Drama ends in order to save the enchanted Nie Feng died, novels and Nie Feng married ~ ~ you: dominated girls, grew up living in the Lake small inoffensive. Miss a little temper, but a good loyal ~~ and later fell in love with Nie Feng, and finally to save her father, Ayumi manslaughter … Yan CI value PK holes of the second round I substitutions 23333 film version of ~~~ color values are great, except the second dream hair I do not like …  I prefer Kong Ci and the moon ~ ~ ~ if you are Nie Feng, who would you choose??? Kong Ci the most intimate, the Moon is the first love, the second dream is the friend, secluded white Phu 23333

Kong Ci: Moon: the second dream: you if:

16 myth jade Shu VS Satsuki VS Lu pheasant VS Lv Su first round character PK yushu: noble generous of Princess, hosted with a national of task married into Qin, but has a star pursuit really love of heart, to and male main in with dare eloped ~ Satsuki: character simple kind, knows, gentle, can to beloved of people pay himself of all. began love of is male main, late only was Xiang Yu moved.  Pheasant: like the man, is not something that is destroyed, not allowing people to get. personality is extreme Lv Su: precious Lady, after you fall in love with men, all followed the man, simple kindness, to save the beloved man, risking results men alive, and she’s dead … I feel uncomfortable with this a Ferrero Rocher who stamp of this show in which she moved to tears …  Wanted women yushu has come out …  Second round face value PK Zhang Meng yan invincible decisively elected Satsuki ~ me!!! If you are a male master yixiaochuan, who would you choose?? (In the play love yushu)

Yushu: Moon: pheasant: Lv Su:

17 sea jade bow margin lisheng men first round VS Gu Zhihua PK lishengnan: martial arts of her killer. obsession for love, you can sacrifice everything, to achieve the ends justify the ~~~ possessive and extremely strong … Men Gu Zhihua is always early favorite, she is not satisfied, or with men, and men are trapped on the island days are married …  Ultimately died for man’s life guilt regret Gu Zhihua: respect, good and evil, Goddess of the hearts of men … I am man I like Gu Zhihua … Gu Zhihua don’t Biao. … Silently saying face value PK Michelle ye lishengnan the second round was a classic, but Gu Zhihua including those few people … Sorry, I like including those this 23333-if you are a male master Kanase left: decent goddess of the one you love at first sight, is a ruthless, but love my life your spirits and killers, who would you choose???

Lishengnan: Gu Zhihua:

18 extreme beauty later VS Xu Ying ying (Li Zhi when first man) PK later first round character: Lady, but smart and lively. She is a large woman, full of poetry, softness and relief, the male bird can be, can talk to men the world ~ ~ ~ but if you were King, you made a mistake and she dares to resist … Xu Ying ying: her sister was later, softly, but in order to be Lizhi, intrigue resort … Compared with the later atmosphere of noble, she was just a small women’s second round face value PK like ty I see a lot of people say graceful beauty, I’d never get to it …  Still like Mei Niang, elegant face ~ ~ if you’re Li Zhi, who would you choose?? As emperor, Xu ying, I would choose not because later the possibility of replacing the country. as a company official Li Zhi, home, or the woman needs full comfort to relax …

Later: Ying ying Xu:

19 Black Dragon ran love Guan Huo narcissus VS Empress Xu Pingjun first round character PK Huo Narcissus: door of female, and male main is enemy ~~ cute lively Empress Xu Pingjun: Castellan of female, and male main childhood, belongs to heart like but mouth Shang is abandon of proud Johnson second round yan value PK different’s, I remember when is like Cao of Huo Narcissus, think beauty to didn’t friends ~ then grew up found many people said Xu ping June more beauty ~ although I also is think narcissus beauty if you is male main Liu disease has, you selected who??? Two papers for you to pay a lot (the play ending both received … )

Johns Hopkins Narcissus: Empress Xu Pingjun:

20 find Qin Jiqin VS Qing Wu Ting Fong VS PK Qin Qing Zhao q VS gentle first round character: talented women of the Qin State, plus open hanging long and male master modern girlfriend hairy ~ versatile, as lofty as the harsh … Although I think men love her, 80 per cent because of her long as Wu Tingfang and ex-girlfriend: first met one of the women and men in ancient times ~ ~ charming beauty and graceful, and her main enemy in the early, late love men were refusing to get married, I determined to leave, dare to love and hate ~~ Nyima but cherish who were also strong by bastard!!! Because of inferiority almost men missing, these experiences made her start mature Qian Zhao: Zhao Princess, gentle and kind wojianyoulian … Actually I is like Qian Zhao of people set, I at hope male owners and she in with, helpless last died has good soft: chic uncommon of female assassin ~~ actually she should also like male main, but male main woman too more has, I think good soft is has modern thought, on love just life a double people that second round yan value PK said on the features, should Sonija Kwok WINS Ah, but I on she of face is love not up…  Teng Li features are good, are too tough, high frontal ~ Zhao q I 23333 I selected xuanxuan WINS … If you are a man happyluyang, which one do you choose????

Qin Qing: this look really long story of Wu Ting Fong: Qian Zhao: gentle:

21 new song Lake, Chu Liuxiang observing stars VS VS VS Su Rongrong VS Lee tea Keren VS Xue Feng Nan yan as saying that I think I’ve ever seen, but the plot really can’t remember the … But I have to say, because the girls TM too much!!!  Although Richie every play destroyed men, but women face value leverage Ah!!  PK first round wood are different from the ~~ of Wikipedia I blame my observing the stars: Dodger’s daughter, as well as to all, see open about everything, nothing to make her sad, and Chu Liuxiang know each other and to cherish, Xue finally decides to stay in the dark love her clothes around. Song XI Hu: mysterious woman dies in the arms of Chu Liuxiang (two dying men had) Su Rongrong: observing the stars, impulse and vigorous beating, need someone to coax her … like a child, innocent and jealous …  Eggs or dead man’s arms!!! Li hongxiu: the most accomplished figures in martial arts characters and allusions to familiar …  Skill set did seem to be a sentiment similar to Wang Yuyan stars best?? Second round face value PK like PK, Ah ha ha ha funny ~ ~ ~ of course I chose Gigi Lai Su Rongrong ~ ~ ~ if you are Chu Liuxiang, who would you choose????

Observing the stars: song of the West Lake: Su Rongrong: Li hongxiu: wind, nanyan: Xue and pleasant:

22 wind sword Yao Ziping VS Ling Xiang VS PK Yao Ziping even great first round character: early martial arts women common people, ordinary unremarkable, but a good company man, last man was moved … Ah Ling Xiang: the goddess ~ ~ ~ his deep-seated hatred of men, so deep … But I said cock wire in the early primary has been chasing goddesses running, please!!! Goddess was bewildered by her BREW, he begins to care!!! Statue of was full of black men slag even thriving: unruly wayward magic teaches the daughter ~~ torch for men, but a second round of Yen value PK Empress yan peak, and contend with him!!!  Full of collagen!!! If you are a male master Luo Feng, who would you choose??

Yao Ziping: Ling Xiang: even the great:

Not page ~~~ night!!!

Return clip-Joseph ~~~~

23 night Rainbow changxi VS forest AI beauty first round character PK often HI: for the died of sister as only of daughter, with daughter taste do alienation, but character still perseverance, optimistic up of good woman ~ and male main of fate not playing not met, this Empress played of is a silly white sweet of good woman ~ forest AI beauty: from slum struggle arrived field woman ~ I is appreciate this people set Ah, not willing to poverty, Ability to climb on their own. but as a result, she lacks a strong sense of security, only power and money to fill the job insecurity. She knows men are after Chairman son and began to tease men also killed a man in the late ~, finally died!!!  I don’t get it, Mao Lizi is played so many roles 233333 leash is a set of advantages of a good woman, love men for men is good for her.  Lin Aimei this role more contradictions, she at first close to the identity of the man because he changes, later she wants to be loved. Second round face values PK TVB the cooperation of two women I love most is!!! The most amazing is that men are Lawrence Ng, two official match!!!! The heaven sword and Dragon Sabre and healing hearts CP showdown!!! But this Opera is not two people face and the pinnacle of style ~ ~ ~ I will not choose anyway …  My love for both of them is really!!! A good woman meets all quality, a strong working ability and ambition if you are a male pottery students, who would you choose????

Changxi: Amy Lin:

24 PK mother instrument Zhao Hede VS alone in the first round alone: as a sister, she took good care of his sister. temperament is not bad, but arrogant. Emperor of sister love, she was in retaliation for the Emperor, and House slave affair …  Lack of love, lofty, somewhat confused Zhao Hede: she is much smarter than her sister, better suited to survive in the Royal Palace. smooth and her ambition, the harem is bad advice ~ ~ ~ it is reincarnated Daji, and old drivers level ~ is a sister to her control!!!! Face value PK light on the face of the second round, there is no comparable, absolutely alone wins ~ but beauty is not just by looking at her face, between her character and style is critical. Guo Zhenni Zhao Hede is generally, but particularly sultry in her eyes … Then the United States will one day see her face while, back to feel the beauty of the Zhao Hede is a real live flesh.  In a Word, hot!!! If you are a man, a proud but gorgeous and unique dish; a scene of her is full of charm who would you choose????

Zhao Feiyan: Zhao Hede:

25 ridiculous detective sentimental tour small VS PK swim the first leg little love: clever crafty ~ ~ early look down on the mentally handicapped men, fight fight enemy all day …  But like split personality wise men of ~ until after the fever shows that wise men are bad, appreciate the mentally handicapped man and good quality …  Passionate: spent Butterfly a gold, people as its name, game life of romantic woman ~ she grew up was villain adoption, she like wise, looked down on fool. last was male main probation, falls in love with male main ~~ second round yan value PK face are is beauty, but passionate more can attract men style million species Ah ~~ listening to voice bones are crisp has 2333 if you is male main Fang Tianmiu, you selected who???? (In the play when his wife HA HA)

Small: love: passionate and small boxes:

26 ruffian hero Lan Xiying VS PK Lan Xiying Chen the first round: forensic science forensic expert + cold beauty, calm rational, analytical … her feelings for men not to love, but men have an indescribable tacit and ambiguous ~~~ in order to help men find the facts of the case, risking his life to investigate to find evidence.  Chenlin: gangster’s daughter Lady, outside look barbaric headstrong, very loyal and very kind. loved men, but men of her personal feeling no sense, because she could not go into the inner world of man. Second round face value PK-I like cool yujie is a child. …  Lan Xiying, Bay opera roles, the goddess ~ ~ ~ Chen look, but not cold on this one if you are a male Master Chen on the day, who would you choose??? And you have a tacit understanding of the intangible, not comfort you when you’re down, but it will help you identify the cold beauty of truth; one is with drink, sad though I don’t know you, but will cheer your mafia daughter

Lan Xiying: Chen Lin:

27 carats lovers m PK m flower flower VS Helen Gao first round character: used to ugly women make her feel inferior, not daring to say to God. hang beautiful life for him and God together, confident and cheerful. design talent is very high ~ ~ later became great jewelry designers …  Lei Yiming was her buddy, man and boy, but he has a girlfriend, he realized that emotions are not generally … Helen GAO: three popular star was. She hate, someone bullied her friend she will be to the fore. landscape, but in fact alone. after frozen, Lei Yiming for her help, so in love with him …  For the courageous pursuit of love, lovers and friends while cheating, also choose to forgive to let go.  Second round face value PK to see which one I like, some people like Tang Yan soft, delicate looking; it was like Reba stereo-beautiful face …  Don’t say, I’m Reba face powder 233333 talk about acting, if you are a man, who would you choose?????? Are you n for years hindsight found good friends fell in love with her childhood sweetheart; one is willing to die for you to let go of the Halo, for your thoughtful big star (this setting Mary Sue 23333)

Mi Duo: Helen GAO:

28 if Gu Jian legends Tan Xunfang VS PK Xun Fang Qin first round character: Princess of Penglai, in love with boatman. Penglai after natural disasters, Xun Fang took a lot of life, then to the old man, alias “JI Tong” guard beside boatman.  Boatman in order to revive Xun Fang evil, her probation he died. … If Bentham: strong woman a ~~ brother, boatman the torch for many years has been quietly waiting for him …  Finally killed by boatman …  Second round face value PK Meng Zhang is one of the few to be seen in this role, but Gillian look even more beautiful … If you are a boatman, who would you choose????

Xun Fang: If Qin:

29 Gu Jian legends Tan Xiangling VS first round Sun Yueyan PK Grand Bell: half human, half-demon Fox, after all the experiences mature. been lansheng chasing runs, late lansheng family responsibility has experienced the death of sister’s pain, abandonment of unrequited love for Grand Bell, two missing … Sun Yueyan: sensible frail Lady, lansheng ~~~ past and lansheng of unrequited love are lovers, the last blue and she is finally in the second leg with a delightfully eccentric face value PK, a girl. …  He looks like a … If you are LAN sheng, who would you choose?? One is a girl you like chasing for a long time, one is silently waiting for you love you girl

Grand Bell: Sun Yueyan:

Datang Dragon Li xiuning VS 30 PK Li xiuning song to the first round: the origin of the four warlords Li huei, noble and generous, witty work decisions, politics is not less wise men. She is the goddess of kouzhong, kouzhong conquer the world but also to her. However in the family interest, she always take the interests of sacrificing herself, married to a man she did not love …  Song to: also origin four family of big miss, she is and show Ning different, she body without carry too more pressure. character like male children, animosities, informal. but she on feelings is persistent and specific, show Ning another married others Shi, she has been accompanied in kouzhong side conquer, through thick and thin this two a people set I are like, but show Ning carry too more, she destined to impossible to kouzhong gave up all. show Ning is let kouzhong tears of people, and jade to is let kouzhong happy of people. Second round face value PK I find everybody is on Virgin spirits that pair talk, the pair rarely mentioned …  I had friends, but love of Xiu Ning Ah ~ ~ ~ even I prefer to show rather … If you are a kouzhong, who would you choose????

Li xiuning: song to:

31 era Long Jiwen VS PK Long Jiwen Ruan Mei first round character: began as a game of the daughter of a rich family, falls in love with men after Fang Zhanbo, in order to help him escape, pleaded with her father and underworld protection of men many times … Small Jewish and later (Ruan Mei) came with men in Taiwan hide from the mob, cooking and cleaning for him. later was her father’s savings to avenge men stock. …  Just one word: great!!! Ruan Mei: she is male main of neighbors, is is save mean, but learned that male main was came, accompany he to Taiwan life, more will life savings are to male main revenge. late more is to seeking gang protection male main, himself a a people to find gang boss plead (do nanny to of ~~ don’t wants to crooked) she has congenital heart, last died in male main arms in second round yan value PK that times are is big beauty, I more like Vivian CHOW of small Jewish’s, youth looks beauty ~~ Amy Kwok inside dress of is fashion ~~ if you is male main Fang Zhanbo, Who would you choose????

Long Jiwen: Ruan Mei: with box as:

32 Deer Ding remember Jianning Princess VS double son VS ake VS Dragon son VS fake Queen first round character PK a is unruly wayward of Princess two a people ~~ big double small double ~~~ most for Dang wife of small jacket, also is two pieces yo a is peerless big beauty a is Dragon taught leader Qian Lady, style million species flirtatious moving a is fake Queen 2333 sleep Emperor he MOM, more has achievements sense…. I pictured the next round face value Pk, you tell me ~ ~ ~ you are ‘, but you can only pick one!!!! Who would you choose???? (For selected doublet, buy one get one free)

Jianning: double + small double: ake: Dragon: the Queen Mother: